5 Common Window Replacement Questions

Investing in replacement windows is among one of the best home improvement projects to take on. New windows can so much to maximize your home. They can transform the appearance of your home, enhance comfort levels, boost the overall value of your property, and contribute to amazing energy savings. While you examine your current windows and begin to consider getting new ones installed, several questions may arise. In our latest blog, we share common questions that homeowners have when it comes to getting new replacement windows. Here are 5 common window replacement questions and their answers.

Q: Signs it’s time to replace your windows?

How are your windows holding up? There are several things to look out for that indicate it’s time to ditch your old windows for some new and modern ones. Below are top 7 signs it’s time for an upgrade:

  1. Inoperable or hard-to operate windows
  2. Broken window parts (Glasses, frames, seals, and locks)
  3. Heat Transfer
  4. High Electric bills
  5. Drafts
  6. Poor sound control
  7. Outdated style

Whether you’re having issues operating your windows or feel as though your current set looks old and outdated, getting new windows will allow you to resolve all your issues and keep them at bay. 

Q: Should you repair or replace your windows?

A big question we get from consumers is whether or not they should repair their windows or just get them replaced. While repairs are a quick fix-it solution, they are merely a band-aid that often costs homeowners more money in the long run. If you have issues with your windows, getting them replaced with new ones will not only spare you the headache of a series of quick fixes but will allow you peace of mind. New windows are not only made to last longer than they used to but also come with amazing lifetime warranties.

Q: What are the benefits of getting new windows?

Modern windows aren’t like anything you’ve seen before. They come with many added benefits. New windows are made with amazing energy-efficiency features that ensure a brighter, quieter, and more comfortable home. From dual to triple pane glasses, gas inserts, and high-quality weather-stripping seals, there’s no wonder why homeowners are making the switch. These features add an extra layer of insulation to your home that can help prevent heat-transfers, drafts, and external noises. They allow you to maintain a much more comfortable lifestyle while saving you money on energy-costs. New windows are a win-win all around.

Q: What type of windows styles are available?

The beautiful thing about getting new windows is that there is a wide variety of options to choose from. With so many options available, things can get a little out of hand. Some of the top- selected windows styles include slider windows, double-hung windows, 3-lit slider windows, and picture windows. You can also get customized windows if you can’t quite find one that suits your needs. Depending on the company you choose to work with, you can mix and match your windows, selecting ones of certain sizes, shapes, and colors. While having options is always a plus, deciding may prove to be a bit more difficult than you can imagine. Working with an experience window installation company will afford you some much needed guidance and helpful insights.

Q: Should install them yourself?

Just as it is important to select high-quality window replacements, it is important to work with a reputable window replacement company. While you can learn to install them yourself, you risk damaging your home and your new windows. A top-tier window replacement company will ensure your new windows are installed properly with ease and efficiency. The last thing anybody wants is to experience any delays or complications during and after installation. Another added benefit of working with a top-rated window installation company is that they usually offer the most competitive rates and warranties having built close relationship with manufacturers.

Window Replacement Experts

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