5 Major Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Your windows are very crucial components of your home. They allow you to see outside, allow light in your house, and provide enhanced security and safety. All windows require replacement at some point, whether damaged or outdated. If your windows are no longer functioning effectively and efficiently, it is time for a replacement. This blog will discuss 5 major signs it’s time to replace your windows.

Replacing your window does a lot for your home. A window replacement improves comfort, adds value, and improves your quality of life through better ventilation. A bonus is that it helps reduce your energy bills. But what signs indicate it’s time to replace your windows?

1. Leaking Windows 

One of the most notable signs that it’s time to replace your windows is if they are leaking. Windows are meant to allow light and fresh air inside, but that can be disrupted if moisture finds its way in or condensation accumulates inside your windows’ panes. A constant appearance of condensation can become irritating and lead to mold growth. Moisture or mold inside your window’s glass is tough to resolve and will block your view and light.

Leaking windows typically occur when a window is not installed properly, or the seals are gone. The worst scenario is when the window starts leaking, and you end up with lots of water inside. The best way to solve all these issues is to replace the window to prevent the seals from failing again or causing expensive repair costs.

2. Worn Out Windows

If you’ve had your windows for 10+ years, it’s time to get new ones. Old windows typically have wooden frames that are tricky to maintain because they are prone to rot and warping. Once rot has set into the wood, preventing decay can be very challenging, and it may be difficult to make the window look good again. Leaving the rot will worsen the window’s condition and make it hard to open or close.

Poor-quality uPVC windows may fade over time, and as they expand during hot seasons, they can warp. The double glazing is failing if you notice water leaks, chips, cracks, condensation, and holes. Replacing your windows is the best way to give your house a fresh look.

5 Major Signs It's Time to Replace Your Windows

3. Difficulty Opening and Closing  

If you notice your windows are becoming difficult to open and close, consider replacing them as soon as possible. Several things could cause a window to become hard to open or close. The first is if the window has been painted shut. They could have been painted shut to save time on a renovation or decorating, but it prevents the window from functioning properly. Another issue could be a warped frame caused by the frame expanding in hot weather. The constant expansion causes the frame to become bigger for the aperture, making it hard to open or close the window. The last cause could be that your home’s foundation has shifted, and the frame no longer fits properly. In all these situations, the best fix is installing a new window.

4. Higher Energy Bills 

A sudden, dramatic increase in your energy bills is another indication that it is time for a window replacement. Old or damaged windows can lead to poor insulation and high energy bills. Heat escapes from your home during cold months, and cool air escapes in the summer, causing you to use more energy to compensate for the lost heat or cool air.

You’ll know this is happening if you stand next to your windows and the area feel cooler or hotter than the rest of the room. In addition, if the glass is cold or warm to the touch, you are probably wasting energy. Any gaps or holes in your window’s frames can allow unwanted air to enter your house, causing your monthly energy bills to increase. Again, replacing the old windows is the best way to solve this.

5. Drafty Windows 

There are plenty of things that can cause drafts. First, the cool air you want is seeping out, and the hot air outside is finding its way in. A room with drafty windows is less comfortable than the other rooms in your house. When the outside air finds its way in, your HVAC system must work harder to keep your rooms comfortable. Finally, the locking mechanism on your window can lead to drafts. Faulty locks increase your energy bills and compromise your home’s security. Installing a new window is the best way to resolve draft issues. 

Windows are a critically important part of your home, so it is in your best interest to keep them in good condition. If you notice any signs listed in this blog, it is time to get new windows as soon as possible. Luckily, American Window Concepts is who to call for all your window replacement needs. For a FREE quote, call us at (805) 833-6600 if you are in the Ventura/Santa Barbara area or (562) 512-1200 if you are in the Long Beach area.  

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