Advantages of Replacing Your Windows in Summer

While you are not required to wait for a certain season to improve your home, many homeowners like to tackle renovations in the summer. There are many advantages of replacing your windows in the summer. Warm weather and ease are just a couple, and in this article, we discuss some other reasons why the summer is the perfect time to tackle your window replacement.

Warm Weather

Just like why people enjoy doing most things in the summer, a window replacement during this time is popular because of the warm temperatures outside. Warmer temperatures make identifying drafts and air leaks in your existing windows easier, helping you determine which ones need replacing. The weather is more predictable in the summer, limiting delays and interruptions during installation. In the summer, you also don’t have to worry about cold drafts while your windows are being replaced. 

Easy Installation

During the warm summer, the installation process is easier and more comfortable than in the winter. When the weather is nice and warm, it leads to faster curing times for caulk and sealants. Scheduling your installations during cooler hours, such as the early morning or late afternoon, provides the best conditions for completing your project quickly and smoothly. There is also increased availability for contractors during the summer, making scheduling an installation that works with your schedule easier.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Adding certain windows to your home also increases your home’s energy efficiency and helps reduce utility bills. Energy-efficient windows with Low-E glass coatings are ideal for installation during the summer months. These windows help reduce heat transfer, keeping your home cool and comfortable. Materials such as vinyl and fiberglass are less affected by temperature fluctuations, making them more suitable for installation in hotter conditions.

Installing Windows in June

Replacing your windows in June is a great idea because the intense sunlight that comes with summer can cause an increase in your energy bill if your air conditioner is continuously running to cool your home. Replacing your windows at the beginning of the summer in June ensures that your new energy-efficient options help reduce heat transfer and can be utilized throughout the summer months.

Installing Windows in August

Towards the end of summer and into fall, August is another great time to replace your home’s windows. The transition between seasons brings comfortable weather conditions, ensuring your installation goes smoothly and is done on time. It also prepares your home for the cooler months, ensuring there are no drafts and that your home is comfortable during winter.

Summer Window Replacement with American Window Concepts

Take care of your window replacement this summer with American Window Concepts! We provide energy-efficient window replacements that match the aesthetics of your home and provide the benefits that match your needs. To get started on a summer window replacement, click here for a FREE quote, or call (805) 833-6600 if you are in the Ventura/Santa Barbara area or (562) 512-1200 if you are in the Long Beach area. 

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