Avoid Doing Your Window Installation Yourself

When it comes to window installations, you want to avoid doing your window installation yourself. Why? Most homeowners do not understand all the different things you need to look for when installing windows. First, every home has specific measurements, styles of execution, needs, and materials that need addressing to give you the best-performing windows for your home. A window installation is not really a one-size-fits-all, universal thing.

If you are thinking of doing a window install yourself, you’ll need to remember all the nuances that will go into the type of replacement you are doing. If you want to take on the replacement yourself, there are avenues you can take online that might be helpful. One helpful site is AMAA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) which will give you bullet points and a blueprint of how you can do the installation. AMAA-certified installers, like American Window Concepts, have to go through a course to prove that we understand what we are doing when it comes to a window replacement. AMAA is a good place to start for information on installing yourself. We aren’t trying to dissuade you from tackling a window install, but we want you to understand that not all installations will be the same.

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