Choosing Between Single-Slider and Double-Slider Windows

If you’re considering upgrading your home’s windows, there are plenty of options for high-quality windows that enhance aesthetics and functionality. Sliding windows are a popular choice in homes. Their low profile and easy operation make them suitable for smaller spaces. When you decide on a sliding window, the next step is choosing between single-slider and double-slider windows. The two styles of windows have different designs that provide distinct advantages and some downsides. This article will help you make the best choice for your next window replacement. 

Single-Slider Windows 

A single-slider window, sometimes called a glider window, has two side-by-side window panes connected to the frame. A single slider window has only one movable sash, which can slide horizontally to open and close the window. The pane that opens will always be the inner pane but can be either the left or right pane, depending on customization and the manufacturer. The fixed sash is typically on the window frame’s opposite side. Depending on the design, the moveable sash can open fully or partially. Single slider windows are often used in rooms with limited space for the window to open, such as bathrooms or small bedrooms.

Double-Slider Windows

A double slider window has two movable sashes that can slide horizontally, allowing both the left and right sides of the window to be opened and closed. Double slider windows are often used in larger rooms where more ventilation is desired, such as living rooms or dining rooms. 

Now that you know what makes sliding windows functional, there are a few key differences to consider before settling on the design you like.


Typically, single-slider windows are less expensive than double-slider windows because the fixed side requires less material and moving parts to assemble. This lowers production costs and simplifies the installation process.

However, this only applies if you select from two models of the same size, panel types, frame design, and quality. A higher-quality single sliding window that is more functional and better insulated will cost more than a double slider with a more basic design.

Choosing Between Single-Slider and Double-Slider Windows


The maximum surface area of a slider window open to outside air will roughly equal a single pane, regardless of how you position them along the frame. Double slider windows offer more flexibility in terms of ventilation because both sashes can be opened. 


Size highly depends on the window’s design. You can find single and double sliding windows with the same frame size. You can also find a single slider window with massive panes and a better pane-to-frame ratio. Typically, a double slider window will cost more as its size increases, so cost and aesthetics become limiting factors to consider.

Energy Efficiency

A window’s energy efficiency is controlled by the materials used, the number of glass panels in each pane, and the insulation. The difference between single-slider and double-slider windows is minuscule regarding how much they’ll insulate the house on their own.

Choosing Between Single-Slider and Double-Slider Windows

Design Options

Double-sliding windows offer more functionality and come in more options than single sliders. Their added designs include end-vent sliders and three-pane options. Three-pane sliders have three window panes, with the center pane being fixed while the left and right panes can slide. Adding a third, fixed pane in the center further increases that window’s overall width. This can also increase the total cost of the window depending on the design, complexity, and insulation requirements.

Slider Windows with American Window Concepts 

Both single and double-slider windows have advantages and disadvantages but will do their job when it comes to enhancing your home’s look, value, and efficiency. One of the best benefits of sliding windows is that they take up less space in the room when opened, making them a popular choice for most homes. If you’re looking for the best window upgrade, American Window Concepts is here to help. Our team of expert installers and range of window styles can help you find the perfect solution for your home. For a FREE quote, call us at (805) 833-6600 if you are in the Ventura/Santa Barbara area or (562) 512-1200 if you are in the Long Beach area. 

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