The Sad Truth About Retrofit Windows

Are you in the market for retrofit windows? If so, be sure to watch our video first. In this video, Sean will share with you the sad truth about retrofit windows that most people don’t know.

The Sad Truth About Retrofit Windows

Many customers have asked our team members, “Is it safe to do a new construction window?” This would consist of breaking all the stucco and replacing the windows with nailing flange windows. This question is becoming really common as many homeowners are hearing a lot of bad things about flush fin windows. Let’s get into this.

We’ve heard multiple stories of people getting a retrofit window installation only to have leaky windows during a rainy day. There is so much of this online that it really gives retrofit windows a bad name. At American Windows Concepts, we have done so many years of retrofit and new construction window installations and figured out that there is a RIGHT way to install a retrofit window. In fact, many people sadly don’t even know how to do it. We’ve seen how people do it incorrectly. A common error people make is that they squirt caulking in a zigzag fashion on the flange of a retrofit window. This will not hold water. If water passes through your retrofit window, it simply means it was installed incorrectly. Period. That’s why working with an experienced and knowledgeable window installation company is key. When done properly, it’s an excellent solution. You don’t end up having to:

  • Break stucco
  • Repaint
  • Do repairs to your interior drywall

Check out our YouTube video to get more details as to the correct and incorrect way to install a vinyl window.

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