Why Do Builders Use Cheap Windows?!

Windows are a key part of your home. But when it comes to builders using cheap windows, what does that mean for you? In this video, I’ll explain the three main reasons why builders use cheap windows and how it impacts you as a homeowner. I’ll also share some tips on how to tell if the windows in your home are quality or not.

Why Do Builders Use Cheap Windows?

A common question we get from people with homes built in the late 90s to 2000s is, “does my home have cheap windows?” These people usually complain about how their dual-pane glass units are all fogged up. The answer is yes! They’re absolutely cheap. This is because there are window producers out there who are looking for builders who are searching for the lowest possible price without caring for quality. However, there are builders out there that care, so they’ll use a window that has better performance and aesthetics. They’ll get good windows because they don’t want to sacrifice their builder’s name—and we applaud those! However, there are many builders that are price conscientious and go with the cheapest window possible. Builders usually have multiple places to give a quote for a project, and will normally go with the lowest bid. As you can assume, the lowest-priced window isn’t the greatest window at all. There are going to be some issues. For example, the locks aren’t going to be great, the rollers aren’t going to last long, and the weather stripping won’t be the best. When it comes to warranty, it will probably last just one year.

Not all windows are created equal. Once homeowners install quality windows in their home, they immediately notice the difference. If your home still has its original windows, chances are they’re not the best quality. Check out our YouTube video to learn more about why builders use cheap windows below

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