Why Is My Window Leaking Water? And How Do I Fix It?

It’s the first time your new windows are experiencing rain, and you notice water pooling up in your main track, where the window slides back and forth, and it starts to concern you. We get it; any out-of-the-ordinary thing, especially with new windows, can lead to some concern.

Any window, either the ones you currently have or replacements, will have weep holes. The weep holes’ main purpose is to provide a way for any water that gets into the chambers of your window track to get out. Rain hitting your windows will want to fall into the track past the weather stripping. The weep system provides an escape for the water so that it doesn’t overflow onto your window sill. A little water in the track is normal; it only becomes a problem if regular rains create huge pools that spill over and inside your windows. This is a manufacturing defect where a weep hole was punched incorrectly.

Your windows can usually hold up against wind and rain, but some advice is not to stick a towel on the window track because that creates a bigger problem. When wind-driven rain goes up against your window, more water will dump into your track, causing more water to pool. The window should outperform the water being introduced to the window, but there can be special occasions where the window could get overrun. You should discuss how much water and wind load your window can withstand with your manufacturer. If you are afraid you can’t leave your windows because wind and rain are in the forecast, you shouldn’t be.

Another reason for leaky windows is improper installation. If you see water pooling at the top of the window frame and you just got your windows replaced, there is either a gap or the caulking from the main frame has split. This will allow water to pass, land on top of your frame, and come into your home.

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