Why Your Single Hung Window WON’T STAY OPEN!

Are you frustrated with your single-hung window that won’t stay open? Say goodbye to your headaches and hello to long-lasting solutions with our easy-to-follow guide to keep your window open when you want to. 

Single-hung windows comprise small, delicate parts, including the pivot bar, pivot lock shoe, balancer, and spring. The pivot lock shoe houses the balancer and spring. Together, they allow the window to glide and lock into place. When the pivot lock shoe isn’t set up correctly, it can get stuck in a locked position where it shouldn’t. But, not to worry, it’s a relatively easy fix.

All you need is a flathead screwdriver. To fix your window, first remove the window sash. Once you have done that, you next want to locate your pivot lock shoe. Chances are it’s stuck in the bottom corner. When you find it, notice how the pivot lock shoe mechanism (horseshoe apparatus) faces up. That “face up” position indicates that it is locked in place. You must turn the horseshoe inwards with a screwdriver to unlock and reset it. Once you have done that, you will be allowed to move it up. Be careful and use both hands for better control. The balancer can cause the pivot lock shoe to shoot up rapidly and break. Slowly slide it up to a manageable place, put it back in a locked position, and reattach the window sash from there. 

Check out our YouTube video for details! 

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