5 Most Popular Window Styles for 2023

Are you planning to update the windows in your home in 2023? Check out our latest video where we showcase the five most popular window styles for the upcoming year. From the sleek and modern sliding windows to the classic double hung windows, we cover it all. You’ll also see the versatile casement windows, the energy-efficient single hung windows, and the unique awning windows. Whether you’re looking to improve energy efficiency, add curb appeal, or simply update the look of your home, these window styles are sure to impress. Watch now to find out which window style is the perfect fit for your home in 2023.

5 Most Popular Window Styles

1. Sliding Windows – Sliding-style windows continue to be the most popular windows for customers. Why? The offer:

  • Slim frames
  • The least amount of maintenance
  • Easy operation
  • Cost-effectiveness

2. Double Hung Windows – The best window option for homeowners who already have double hung windows or single hung wood-style windows is a double hung window in its palace. That doesn’t mean it’s the only opportunity to have a double hung. Some people who have a sliding window system may want a double hung. It just depends on what you want. The cool thing about double hung windows is they can tilt in for cleaning.

3. Casement Windows – Casement windows are a popular choice since they provide excellent air flow. When that window opens even a little bit, you can feel the air coming straight into the house.

4. Single Hung Windows – Just like a double hung window, single hung windows slide vertically (up and down). The thing about a single hung window is that only the bottom lifts up. The bottom sash will tilt in for cleaning. The only downside is the top sash won’t tilt in, so you would have to go outside to clean that part.

5. Awning Windows – Like a casement window that opens outward, an awning is different in that it opens from the bottom. The problem is that its projection is going to be about 16 – 18 inches complete. Why? Because they have an “X” hinge, and once that X hinge is fully extended, that’s all you’ve got. What’s great about an awning? It offers great airflow!

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