Good vs. Bad Window Caulking

The main reason we want to show you the difference between a good caulking job and a bad one is so you can show somebody that is trying to sell you windows how you expect your job to look when it is done.

A Good vs. Bad Window Caulking Job 

Understanding a good job vs. a bad one becomes a tool you can use to show an installer what you expect.

A Good vs. Bad Interior Caulking Job 

A bad caulking job on the interior of your windows will be smeared all over the place and become discolored. When we complete a job, the caulking we use on the interior of your windows is not going to turn yellow, it won’t separate from the frame, and it will blend in perfectly with the window frame. We use the painter style to ensure that your caulking job is clean. Painter style is when we use water on a sponge to create these little beads while applying acrylic water-based caulking.

A Good vs. Bad Exterior Caulking Job 

A bad caulking job on the exterior of your windows will show caulking all over the frame and your home’s stucco. When we work on the exterior of your windows, we ensure that the caulking application is clean, and you won’t find any of it smeared on your frames or stucco.

Show Your Installation Company How You Want Your Job Done

Pictures of examples of bad caulking jobs are good to have so you can show any window salesperson what you do not want your windows to look like. Before signing any contract, you want to ensure the company knows what you expect when your installation is completed.

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