How to EASILY Replace Your Old Window Vents Stops (Anlin Windows)

Do you want to retrofit your home windows but don’t know where to start? Look no further! We’ll show you exactly how to EASILY replace your old window vent stops with Anlin Windows. Get the best quality retrofit, window installation, and replacement service from Anlin Windows—better than Milgard, Pella, and all other windows for your home needs. Watch now to learn the simple steps of retrofitting your windows!

There are many different vinyl windows available on the market. While the quality of the materials may differ, the parts that make them up are similar. In this video, Sean from American Window Concepts demonstrates a window vent replacement on an Anlin Coronado XX slider window.

The vent stop can be found in either the slider sash or the main frame, depending on the specific window model. For example, in the Anlin Coronado XX slider window, the vent stopper is located in the slider sash, but in the Anlin Catalina Series, it is situated in the main frame.

After you’ve located the vent stop, you’ll want to grab a pair of snip pliers or a similar tool. Avoid using sharp tools like wire cutters or shears. With your pliers, grip the stopper from both sides and gently lift it out. Don’t hesitate to use your other hand to grip it and reposition the pliers to remove it completely.

Once you’ve removed your old vent stop, install the new vent stop with a simple push. Ensure that you install it in the proper orientation.

There you have it! Our guide to replacing your old window vent stops.

Check out our YouTube video for details! 

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