The Pros & Cons of Retrofit Windows – Is It Right for Your Home?

Are you considering installing new retrofit windows in your home? This video explores the pros and cons of retrofit windows so you can decide if this is the right choice for your home. We’ll examine various popular window types, such as Anlin, Milgard, and Pella windows, to determine if retrofit installation is the best approach for your needs. Whether you’re remodeling or replacing an existing window, don’t miss this important advice about retrofit windows. Watch now to find out if this is the right choice for your home!

Pros of Retrofit Windows:

At American Window Concepts, 95% of the windows we replace are retrofit windows, and our customers love them. Retrofit windows offer several benefits. They are ideal for homeowners seeking a cost-effective window replacement and those looking for a quick solution without the mess of clearing stucco or siding, reflashing, or cutting back drywall to make room for a new replacement. Additionally, depending on the retrofit windows you select, you can enjoy incredible energy savings, as top-tier retrofit windows often feature advanced heat-reflective technology.

Cons of Retrofit Windows:

While retrofit windows have many advantages, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. First, to make the most of new retrofit windows, it’s crucial to have them installed by a window installation expert. Not all window installers use proper sealants or installation techniques, which can significantly affect your windows’ security and usability. Using the wrong sealant can result in water infiltration and potential flooding.

Another point to remember is that retrofit windows typically result in some loss of glass surface area. When installing a new one, it will sit inside the mainframe and must be fitted accordingly, so it won’t be as expansive as the previous window insert.

As mentioned, improper installation can cause significant issues. Improper shimming, for instance, can lead to misaligned sashes or pinching, making it difficult to open or close your windows.

Retrofit Window Installation in Southern California:

Retrofit window installation is an excellent way to replace old and outdated windows in your home. It is cost-effective, less invasive, and offers many benefits. Any drawbacks associated with retrofit windows are typically a result of improper installation. At American Window Concepts, we offer the best retrofit windows on the market and expert window replacement services. Connect with one of our window professionals to learn more.

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