Are you tired of cheap, low-quality windows that don’t last? Ready to invest in beautiful, sustainably-sourced wood windows that will last for years to come? In this exclusive vlog, we unpack WHY wood windows cost more than their alternatives. Get all your questions answered and find out why it’s worth the extra cost!

It’s no secret that wood windows are one of the most expensive windows on the market. And even though they come with a hefty price tag, they are well-worth the investment.

Wood windows are crafted from natural materials, and as a result, there is a limited supply of them available at any given time. From nurturing the wood to shaping it into windows, the price tag that accompanies wood windows reflects these processes. Moreover, the components used, such as weather strips and locking systems, are made from high-quality materials. All in all, wood windows are considered top-tier. Manufacturers invest a significant amount of money into crafting them, making them more expensive for consumers compared to other window styles on the market.

Another factor that contributes to their overall cost is the installation services required. Wood windows differ from retrofit windows; they require a complete tear-out service each time. While their installation may be a bit more tedious than other options, the end result is well worth every penny.

Wood windows are not suitable for everyone. They come with a high price tag and require more time for installation. However, if you have the budget for them, they are definitely worth considering. They offer unmatched beauty and features.

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