How To Replace Screen Door Rollers

Having trouble with your screen door rollers? Learn how to replace screen door rollers quickly and easily in this step-by-step tutorial. Get your door rolling again today and save time and money by watching this vlog! (

Replacing your screen door rollers is a relatively easy task. To start, remove the screen door from its track. To do this, you will need a screwdriver. Locate the screws on its top and bottom corners, and loosen both screws counterclockwise to create some working room. Once the screen door is loose within the frame, take a putty knife to the bottom of the door. Lift up the door from the bottom and wedge the putty knife between the door and frame until you reach the rollers underneath. Pry the door until you can lift it out of the frame. You will need to do this on both sides (left and right). After successfully removing the screen door, lay it on its side where you can easily access the rollers.

The next major step is to remove them! To remove the roller, take a small Philips screwdriver to it. Insert your screwdriver into the corner of your roller until you reach the indentation on the inside. Once you’re in, push downwards and fish it out. To install your new one, do the same thing but in reverse. Hook your Philips screwdriver on the indentation, push in and down until it’s fitted in.

Now that your rollers are replaced, it’s time to put the screen door back in the frame. Slide it up into the top track and use your putty knife to lift the rollers at the bottom to fit it into the frame. Check your reveal and make any adjustments by using your Philips head screwdriver on the adjustment screws.

So, how did it go? Easy, right? Stay tuned for more helpful tips and tricks from American Window Concepts! Watch the video below for a better overview of replacing your screen door rollers.

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