Stop Lubricate Before It Destroys Your Home Windows

Protect your home windows from Lubricate destruction with this one simple trick! In this video, we’ll show you an easy way to keep Lubricate away and secure your windows from damage. Get ready to learn how to take control of your home – and keep Lubricate away for good!

You may seen videos I have done in the past on lubricating your windows properly. It’s been awhile since then and I thought it would be helpful to circle back to this topic. 

My number one tip is to stay away from petroleum based lubricants -they are terrible for vinyl windows. Petroleum or oil-based lubricants will trap dust and debris, mudding up your tracks and make it hard to keep it clean. Additionally, they can cause your vinyl windows to turn yellow over time. 

Lubricate your windows with dry-fill lubricant. Our go-to lubricant is made by Sprayaway. They have an all purpose dry-fill that dries instantly and can get your windows in shape in no time.

For more window tips and trips, feel free to reach out to the American Windows Concepts team. We are window experts based in Ventura County & Orange County.

Watch Our Video:

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