Why You Should NEVER Tint Your Dual Pane Windows

Are you wondering why you should never tint your dual-pane windows? In this video, we’ll show you the dangers of DIY window tinting and how artificial intelligence (AI) can help protect your windows from damage. Discover why AI is the key to avoiding costly repairs and why it’s so important when it comes to window tinting. Don’t miss out—watch now!

Tinting dual-pane windows is a bad idea for several reasons. While applying tint to single-pane windows is acceptable, tinting dual-pane windows can compromise their energy efficiency. Dual-pane windows often have low-e coatings on the outside and a clear coating on the inside. These coatings and the gap between the panels are designed to effectively disperse and keep heat out. When you apply a layer of tint to your dual-pane window, it can create a heat pocket between the panels. As heat accumulates in the gap, it can cause the spacer between the panels to expand. When the window cools down, the spacer will then begin to shrink, causing the seal that keeps it in place to loosen up. Loose seals can lead to fogging, condensation, and an overall compromise in your home’s insulation capabilities.

Another reason to leave your windows as they are is that making any adjustments to your windows will void any warranties you may have on them. If you need help addressing window problems, consider reaching out to a professional window service provider. They will be able to identify your issues more clearly and provide you with the right solutions.

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